Chili like Tim Horton’s

Chili like Tim Horton's
  • Prep Time
    15 mins
  • Cook Time
    1 hour
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When I came to Canada for the first time, my favorite fast food was the Chili by Tim Horton. I had decided, I have to figure out how they cook this delicious tomato food because I wanted to eat this in Europe as well. Since then I have cooked this Chili a lot, so I don’t have to go to Tim Horton’s restaurant anymore becauseI am very satisfied with my recipe, however I am not sure if it is the same or not with the original recipe, but I love it.




    Step 1

    Put diced onion and garlic in a big bowl with fat and braise them.

    Step 2

    Add ground meat (which could be beef, pork, turkey or mixed), red paprika powder and more spices (ground black pepper, vegeta, ground caraway) and cook them together on medium heat until the color of the meat turns from red to brownish.

    Step 3

    Then add diced vegetables such as carrot, celery stick, bell pepper. Cover it with a lid and cook for 20 minutes. It will release juice under the lid.

    Step 4

    Then add diced mushrooms and rinsed and drained dark red kidney beans, diced tomato without soup and crushed tomato and cook together until ready. (When the juice is almost boiled and gone, lower the temperature to a low temperature and just keep it warm, this will make it thick, but be careful because it could easily burn down, so stir a lot.)


    Chili can be made ahead and refrigerated overnight or can deep freeze for more time and defrost before eating.

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